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Investment Management

Our Approach:

The Werth Wealth Management approach is an action plan that translates your current financial situation into a future-focused investment strategy. We help you achieve your goals and live with confidence.

Portfolio Construction:

  1. Determine Asset Mix – Determine the appropriate allocation to stocks, bonds, and cash based on liquidity needs, risk preferences, return objectives, market conditions, and relative attractiveness between asset classes.
  2. Narrow Security Universe - Overlay proprietary conviction ideas with investment ideas of value-oriented outside investment managers and research teams to narrow the universe of marketable securities for further analysis.
  3. Conduct Fundamental Research - Evaluate narrowed security list for investable ideas, assessing companies’ balance sheets, credit ratings, earnings potential, management teams, valuation, and shareholder orientation.
  4. Set Position Allocations - Our allocation approach strives to balance concentration and diversification so that investors’ portfolios are adequately diversified to limit short-term fluctuations in asset prices yet sufficiently concentrated to capitalize on high-conviction ideas.
  5. Adjust Fixed Income Portfolio - Position fixed income portfolio to ensure sufficient diversification from equities, liquidity for equity investment or distribution, and interest income. Duration, maturity, credit quality, and yield are among the factors monitored and managed within the fixed income portfolio.