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Andrew Taylor, CFP®

Andrew Taylor, CFP®

Partner, Werth Wealth Management & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM Financial Advisor

Andrew observes, “There are plenty of ‘smart’ advisors out there, and our team is no exception. What separates us are the intangibles—our focus and concern on a client’s physical and mental health, their family, and their ability to live a meaningful life. Properly managing wealth certainly plays an important role, but we have to keep in mind that life is more than just dollars and cents.” That remark sums up Werth Wealth Management’s total commitment to enhancing lives and strengthening families and explains why Andrew finds his work so rewarding here.

Andrew’s role at Werth Wealth Management has evolved over time, since he first joined the team as an intern. As a financial advisor, he works primarily with individuals, families, and business owners to identify goals, plan for the unknown, and monitor plan implementation over time. He strives to make sure clients have clarity, knowing where they stand today and what it will take to reach their goals.

A graduate of Fort Hays State University with a degree in Finance, he has been with the practice since 2017. Years of experience at a wide range of jobs give Andrew a deep sense of empathy for the unique needs of his clients. Serving clients with honesty, transparency, and sincerity, he embodies the practice’s values and lives out his philosophy to “give more than you take.”

Andrew is happy to be a Midwesterner because he feels that people in the Midwest take a little more pride in the communities they live in, the families they raise, and the legacy they leave behind. He lives in Hays with his wife, Emalee and daughter, Brielle. He finds relaxation and enjoyment in working with his hands—painting, building, or even tearing something down to start it all over again.