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Coy Lampe

Coy Lampe

Research Assistant

Coy works as a business analyst in Werth Wealth Management’s research department, where he plays a pivotal role in analyzing securities and evaluating businesses to identify potential investment opportunities for the firm.

Coy credits his prior experience in banking with helping him better understand financial statements and identify potential opportunities in capital markets. Further, he believes his Midwest upbringing was formative in shaping his dedication to hard work and the “everybody helps everybody” ethos – a mindset deeply embedded in Werth Wealth Management’s culture.

It is the idea of helping others make the most of opportunities that brings the greatest meaning to Coy’s role at Werth Wealth Management. He views continuous learning as indispensable in today's fast-paced environment and believes that the firm's dedication to lifelong education significantly contributes to clients' financial success and overall well-being.

Coy joined Werth Wealth Management upon graduating from Fort Hays State University with a degree in Finance. Outside of work, Coy enjoys the outdoors and engages in hobbies such as camping, fishing, and grilling. He prefers to be anywhere near the water when the weather permits and enjoys cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs.