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Preston Werth

Preston Werth

Partner & Director of Research, Werth Wealth Management & CFA

As Director of Research, Preston helps to structure investment portfolios to weather the many risks and uncertainties facing investors. He studies the financial, economic and risk characteristics of specific companies in order to identify attractive investment opportunities in marketable securities and financial derivatives and is responsible for structuring option strategies appropriately tailored to clients’ unique investment needs.

He brings tremendous focus and enthusiasm to his research, along with a passion for learning. The drive for personal continuing education influenced Preston’s career path; reading a biography of Warren Buffett during his first year of college made Preston decide to enter the field of security analysis. He continues to read widely in his leisure time, especially topics in finance, economics and psychology.

Preston feels extremely fortunate to be working at Werth Wealth Management in a field that interests him deeply. As he says, “I consider myself extraordinarily privileged to come to work every day with people I admire and look up to, not just as professional colleagues but more importantly, as honest and principled individuals.”

Preston holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Chicago, including coursework in option theory and derivative pricing at the London School of Economics. In 2019, Preston received the CFA designation.

What you may not realize about Preston is the role that music plays in his life. He credits his childhood musical training to learn to play the cello with developing his ability to focus deeply on a particular topic. Today he plays the cello and other instruments as often as he can but seeks the music of Jimmy Buffett’s steel drum when he wants a break from the hustle and bustle of the markets.

Beyond spending free time with friends and family watching the Kansas City Chiefs—and dreaming of their ultimate success in the Super Bowl—Preston shares his passion for learning with students in the Kansas City Public Schools Success Mentors program.